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GameGuard redundant execution error. Error code 115, 110

GameGuard cannot be executed repetitively.

1. Check whether the GameGuard program is running. If the blue shield icon is in the system tray shown on the bottom right corner of windows, as you see in the picture, GameGuard is running.

2. If you run the game in the situation above, when the GameGuard program is already running. you will see an error window as below.

[Cases when GameGuard is executed repetitively]
* When you close a game and while GameGuard is terminating, you re-execute the game right away.
* When two games using GameGuard are executed ( ex : run Lineage -> run Aion )

Only one GameGuard process can be running at one time, so please try running the game again after the blue GameGuard tray icon on the bottom right corner has disappeared.

If the game does not work even after following the steps above, please try again after rebooting your PC.

Problem is still not solved?
Please check your PC with reliable Anti-Virus program in case of virus infection. If you don’t have anti-virus program on your PC,
we recommend you to use Bitdefender. Click the link below to get a 50% discount of Bitdefender ONLY for GameGuard customers.