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Initialization fail (Error code 114)

Initialization error 114 could occur in GameGuard in many different cases. The methods below could or could not be the solution to the corresponding problem. In some cases, the problem could be solved by following step 1, but sometimes it may not be solved even after following step 1 and step 2. It is not necessary to follow all the steps below, and therefore, try running the game again if step 1 has been followed and check whether the problem has been solved. If the problem still exists, please try each step in order and check for normal execution of the game.

1. System restart
2. Spyware/Virus
3. Window security update
4. Collision with other programs
5. Option adjustment of security program
6. Graphic card driver and DirectX problem

1. System restart(rebooting)
- There are cases when the game does not operate properly because GameGuard has not been shut down properly. You can solve this problem by rebooting your PC.
- If problem is unsolved, please follow the steps below.

2. Spyware/Virus
- Different types of spywares/viruses/malignant codes tend to affect the existing program and may result in malfunction. Please check viruses or malignant codes using anti-virus solution of your choice. In some cases the game program might have been infected and therefore we advise you to reinstall the game and check if it operates correctly after scanning the entire PC with an anti-virus solution.

3. Windows Security update
- Certain Windows Security Updates may result in collisions with other security programs. We highly recommend you to update the latest version of Windows.
 * Windows update :
GameGuard control panel -> We recommend you to have the windows updated through automatic update settings.

4. Collisions with other programs
- Some problems may be caused by the running programs on your PC which might be incomparable with GameGuard. Please end all the processes that are not related or are not used while the game is running.

Check the running process list in the Task Manager.

 Method 1. You can open the Task Manager window by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del while using in Windows XP
 Method 2. Right click on the task bar on the bottom and you will see a menu. Press (K) and you can open the Task Manager window.

[Method 2]

Select the Processes tab in the Task Manager and end all processes in the process list that are not related to the game.

System might be affected badly if an important windows process is shut down. Please select and end corresponding processes.
* Searching for malignant process list 
* Searching the process in Google
* File Research Center
* Searching in various vaccine sites. Bitdefender(now 50% promo).

5. Configuring the options in security programs
Some functions of GameGuard could be blocked due to system over protection of a security system. In this case, GameGuard initialization error can occur and this could be sovled by adjusting some options in the security system. Many security programs exist, and therefore, we suggest you try running the game again after adjusting every option one by one.
Below is a security program configuration menu from nProtect Netizen. Other vaccines may have different configuration menus.

6. Old version of graphic card drivers / DirectX

You can solve the collision problem between GameGuard and the driver if you have the graphic driver and Windows DirectX (9.0c) updated to the latest version.
1) Press [Start] - [run] and input [dxdiag] in the blank.

2) Press Yes (Y) for warnings.
3) The window below will show up after you press Yes and you can check your driver and DirectX information in the System tab and the Display tab.
-DirectX Information-

< Click for a bigger image.>

-Graphic card driver types and version information-

< Click for a bigger image.>

Problem is still not solved?
Please check your PC with reliable Anti-Virus program in case of virus infection. If you don’t have anti-virus program on your PC,
we recommend you to use Bitdefender. Click the link below to get a 50% discount of Bitdefender ONLY for GameGuard customers.