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Update failure. Error code 180

This problem occurs when access to an important file required for GameGuard update has failed.

Please follow the procedure below.

1. Update file damaged due to viruses/spywares
- Various spywares/viruses/malignant codes harm operating programs and could try intruding into GameGuard that is protecting the game, or could interrupt some important functions of GameGuard. Error 180 could occur frequently especially when an important GameGuard update file has been damaged. Therefore, please remove all viruses, spywares and malignant codes by scanning your entire PC with an anti-virus.

2. Lack of hard disk capacity.
- This is when GameGuard fails to update due to a lack of usable capacity in the hard disk. Please remove any programs that are not necessary.

<Organizing unnecessary space in a hard disk>
Step 1.
Open 'My computer' window from the icon on the background.

Step 2.
From the list of Hard Disk Drives, right-click the disk that you wish to cleanup and select Properties.

Step 3-1.
Check the Free Space of the disk, and then select the Disk Cleanup button.

Step 3-2.
Disk Cleanup calculates the space in the corresponding hard disk and may take a long time depending on the computer.

Step 4.
When disk cleanup is done, you will see the capacity of the files that can and cannot be deleted as below. Check on the items you want to cleanup in order to free part of your hard disk space.

Problem is still not solved?
Please check your PC with reliable Anti-Virus program in case of virus infection. If you don’t have anti-virus program on your PC,
we recommend you to use Bitdefender. Click the link below to get a 50% discount of Bitdefender ONLY for GameGuard customers.